About Our Site

It’s very simple, we create beach & beach related shirts because we love the ocean, the breezes, the waves and sand and the feel of the hot sun.

We started with one simple design on one beach which was a huge hit…so we made shirts for every wonderful tropical beach in the Americas we could think of…and they have been an amazing success.

It didn’t take long to come up with our “hammock” design, our 2 sided design, and the large letters design. Don’t ask which is our favorite…we love’em all!

Recently. we’ve branched out to add sea critters and sea birds. These are made especially for you who love these guys and of course for the kiddos.  How about a “mommy/daddy and me” duo?  They make fabulous “occasion” gifts and are perfect for summertime.

Have you visited our Zazzle Collections?  You’ll find this link at the top right corner of the HOME page.  The link will connect you with hundreds of “customizable” beach designed items that make fabulous, one of a kind gifts.  And it’s ZAZZLE…so expect sales!

Now, we hope you’ll enjoy your visit with BEACH SHIRTS and MORE.  We’d love to know what you think of our site!

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